• Jennifer Dziura

    Gmat coach

    “When I’m terrified on planes (i.e. always) I look to flight attendents who seem calm. When I am terrified during the math section (i.e. always) I look to Jen who’s relaxed, jovial, unburdened by intimidating problems.”

    — GMAT Student

  • Meet your gmat coach

    JenNIFER Dziura

    Jen has helped thousands of
    young professionals unlock the GMAT.

    "It's my mission to send each student into the GMAT feeling confident and prepared."


    With over a decade of experience in the test prep world and a 780 on the GMAT, Jen has helped over 2,000 students reach their educational goals. She has helped students get into business school at Wharton, HBS, Fuqua, Kellogg, and Stanford and many others.


    Jennifer studied philosophy at Dartmouth College and later went back to school for a Masters in Education focusing on using research into the brain to enhance teaching and learning. Jennifer is passionate about collaborative learning environments and social learning. She believes every student deserves a caring, empathetic teacher.


    As the first person in her family to attend college, she understands the struggles of people who are trying hard to succeed.

  • Comments from Students

    who have studied the GMAT with Jen

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    "One of the best teachers (in any subject at any level) I've had."

    "As a venture capital investor I am often confronted with concepts that are very complex, yet need to be communicated in a way that people from a variety of backgrounds can understand. I have to say that in this area Jen is well above the majority of the people I have encountered."


    "Jen was VERY engaging and knowledgeable. She was enthusiastic about the material, and I felt that she really wanted us to succeed. She was funny too!"


    "Very knowledgeable. I greatly appreciated her ability to provide real life examples for all difficult topics. She was also consistently enthusiastic and very approachable for questions."


    "She has a great level of enthusiasm."


    "Jen was able to always come up with helpful and specific examples to better illustrate GMAT rules and scenarios."


    "Lots of energy. Explains difficult concepts well."


    "Approachable, friendly, funny."


    "She is extremely smart and is good at presenting the material."


    "She was able to give multiple examples of a problem and/or counterexamples on the spot in order to explain why an answer was correct or incorrect."


    "Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and is very engaging. She is very enthusiastic, but at the same time brings a dry sense of humor to the table, which I enjoy."

    "Jen really helped me to understand a lot of the material and she is very receptive to questions."


    "She is the utmost professional instructor I have ever seen or been exposed to in my studies."


    "She is arguably the best teacher I've ever had, at any level, in any subject."


    "I took the test today and got a 770! I am really excited. Thank you so much for everything! The class was fantastic."


    "Good news - I gave my GMAT this morning and got a 780. Thank you very much for all your help."


    "Jen does a great job of really dissecting the problem and what we need to pay attention to when trying to narrow down answer choices. She has a solid understanding of the verbal and math content as demonstrated by her ability to quickly offer a simplified examples of the question at hand."


    "Jen is very engaging and enthusiastic about the material. She relates the explanations to real life examples, making them easier to decode and understand."




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    • Supportive, informative sessions will help you prepare for the GMAT. Discuss test prep, best ways to study and how to prepare for test day. 
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